Conventional Cargo & (Break) Bulk

Besides containers, swap bodies and trailers, Haven Genk also takes care of the storage and transhipment of conventional cargo and break-bulk.

Covered storage capacity: 20,000 m2
Open-air storage capacity: 15,000 m2
Silo storage dry bulk: 200 m3- 4,000 m3
Tank storage liquids: 1,600 m3

Extensive experience and infrastructure

Haven Genk has all the necessary port infrastructure and space to store goods (temporarily), both under cover and in the open air. We have a wide experience in storage and transhipment of e.g. steel products (such as coils and sheets), ore, recyclable products, coal and minerals.


  • Quay length: 500 m
  • Gantry cranes: 2, capacity 50 tons
  • Mobile transhipment cranes for bulk: 3
  • Wheel loaders: 3
  • Weigh bridges: 2
  • Forklift trucks: 3-32 tons

Ready for any freight.

Bulk or conventional cargo? Haven Genk has the required capacity, machines and expertise to ensure expert storage and transhipment. Whatever kind of freight you may have, we are there to help you.

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Haven Genk is your recommended logistics partner as a trimodal transport hub with a wide selection of services and facilities.

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