Added value in logistics? Yet another bonus at Haven Genk.

Haven Genk is the ultimate partner if you are looking for added value in logistics. We offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs to suit every aspect in your logistics puzzle.

Added value in logistics? You bet!

Haven Genk does everything possible to provide tailored logistics solutions. Thanks to all our services and infrastructure we can provide the perfect solution to every logistics challenge.

Extra services

Extra services


Since 2006, Haven Genk has also had a proper Forwarding department covering imports and exports. This service includes organising sea freight, handling formalities related to sea freight and dealing with customs formalities. In short, we can take care of coordinating all your global shipment requirements.


If you like, Haven Genk can be responsible for creating all transit, import and export documents. We can also provide temporary storage for goods in transit. If you need advice, our employees or specialist partners can help you.


Your supplier can only deliver packed materials, but your production facility wants bulk? Or your production delivers big bags, but your customers want a silo wagon? Haven Genk can transfer your materials to bulk in a silo wagon or barge, from small bags to big bags. Need other added-value activities? We would be happy to discuss them with you.

Logistics service with added extras?

Specific logistics requirements? Thanks to our extensive know-how and experience, and high-performance organisation and infrastructure we can act quickly and are very flexible in providing you with the solution you are looking for.

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More services

Haven Genk is your recommended logistics partner as a trimodal transport hub with a wide selection of services and facilities.

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