“Haven Genk is the most important terminal in our network, comparable to a European roundabout. They provide excellent added value services such as buffer stock, fumigation, and equipment maintenance. We use these services daily!”

— Johan Ghijselinck, COO Move Intermodal

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Which companies benefit from the new railway solution?

  • Manufacturers use intermodal railway connections to transport their raw materials and finished products.
  • Logistic companies offer efficient transport solutions by coordinating intermodal freight transport.
  • Retailers and wholesalers use intermodal train connections to replenish their inventory and distribute products to different locations around the world.
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    Haven Genk moves ahead with new railway connection between Genk and Zeebrugge

    Thanks to a direct rail connection between the terminal of Zeebrugge and Haven Genk, this reliable yet flexible mode of transport is set to become the go-to solution when it comes to connecting certain regions and countries in a sustainable way. The set is designed to provide our customers with the most flexible solutions, allowing for the handling of all types of equipment. This includes containers, swap bodies, flat racks, chassis, and even non-craneable chassis

    One company that hasn’t hesitated to jump on the bandwagon is Move Intermodal. The new railway link allows them to expand their services in a big way. “Move Intermodal has been offering door-to-door logistic solutions to its customers for over thirty years”, says Johan Ghijselinck, COO of Move Intermodal. “Our extensive terminal network allows us to combine the use of railways, motorways and waterways to the highest grade of efficiency for our clients. This new link adds a reliable and sustainable option to the wide range of solutions we offer them.”

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    Curious about how this efficient, reliable, and sustainable railway service can meet your logistical needs? Fill in our online form to get started. For more information, reach out to Wouter Machiels and his dedicated team at Haven Genk.

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